The Value of the Interview

for success in Network Marketing

 Network marketing is NOT about recruiting people who have zero interest or need for your product or service. It is about identifying individuals who are passionate about changing their lives and have you help them with their needs.

There are many ways to qualify a prospective partner for the opportunity of joining your RINGANA business. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but there are some basic guidelines that can be followed when qualifying prospects.

Keep in mind that network marketing is not about selling, it’s about providing!

I will share with you the importance of working with qualified prospects, and how to properly vet aspiring entrepreneurs to ensure that they’re in for the long haul.

The Importance of Qualifying Prospective Partners

What does qualifying prospective partners mean? It is asking the most basic question: “Do you have any interest in this?”

As an entrepreneur, you will already have your hands full. You’ll be too busy working towards your dream life! The last thing you want is to be wasting your time on fruitless endeavours.

There may be some who have heard of MLM and that it can provide a great opportunity for them but don’t really care either way because they see it as a hobby. They’re lukewarm.

If your goal is success, that’s not the kind of person you’d want to be working with.

This is exactly why qualification is so important – it separates those who are serious about your opportunity from those who aren’t. It ensures that time isn’t wasted on anyone who doesn’t have a real interest in what you’re offering.

How to Qualify Prospective Partners

Before qualifying a prospective partner, it’s important to consider the fact that you will inevitably play the role of mentor. The first stage of qualifying is thinking about how it would be like to mentor a prospective downline.

Ask yourself the following questions:
• Will they be passionate about the business?
• Will they be eager and excited to learn, or will they be afraid to try new things?
• Are they ready to take on a new challenge, or will they procrastinate or run away from any inconvenience?

If mentoring them feels like a worthwhile endeavor, it’s time to qualify them by getting to know them more. Keep in mind, the answers to these questions are designed to give you an insight into how compatible the prospect’s goals and learning style is with you and your business.

Learn More About Their Current Life

The next step is to find out about their current life and why they are interested in the opportunity. Doing this research will help you decide how much time you need to dedicate to them, as well as what kind of support system they might need during this process.

Do they have any experience in network marketing? If not, how well do they understand what network marketing is? If you’re teaching them about it, are there certain topics that seem confusing for them? Does their schedule allow enough free time each day and week to dedicate themselves full-time?

It’s also important to understand whose opinions they will be listening to. Have they reached out to a friend or family member for advice? How important are their friends’ and family’s opinions to them? Should their friends and family discourage them from starting their own network marketing business (due to stereotypes), will they keep on going?

Find Out What They Value Most

Sometimes it’s easier to understand their priorities if you ask them what they value most. What really matters to them in life? How do they like living? Do they want more time with family and friends, is that not necessary for them because of how much free time they have already? Are they looking for fulfillment? For freedom? 

Remember: their goals should align with yours. While “being rich” is something that all of us want, it’s a means to an end. Be it freedom, stability, convenience, or success, money represents something.

Getting a glimpse into what they value will help you determine whether you can actually help them, or if their goals are meaningful enough for them to actually do the work required to be successful.

Determine If They’re Ready to Change

Successful network marketers have a “fire” in them. They’re hungry for success, and they’re not afraid to innovate, work, or fail in order to get to their dream life.

If you find someone who’s “OK with their life,” chances are they’re not a great prospect for network marketing. The people who make the most money in this industry are those who have something to prove, or have some goal that will be made possible through your opportunity and help.

Another important consideration is their attitude towards failure – do they see it as a normal part of learning and an opportunity for self-improvement, or will they beat themselves up over it? Worse, will they see it as you trying to “dupe” them?

Ask Great Questions!

Asking questions gets people thinking about what they want and how they are going to get there. It also causes them to think about how unprepared they are to fulfill their goals and dreams.

If you engage your prospective partner with questions, it will allow them to see they really need something to help them. It makes them open to listening to your solutions.

Questions to Open Your Call or Meeting

Once you establish your prospect is in fact open then use these following questions to engage them in the conversation:

  • So what are you looking for exactly?
  • What are your dreams and goals?
  • Where would you like to be in say, 3 years?
  • What are you doing now to get yourself there?
  • How do you plan on accomplishing those goals, do you have a plan?

Most of the time people have no plan. They are frustrated with their financial life and need a solution.

Once you have LISTENED to your prospective partner and understand what they really want…ask them this question…..

If I had something that could get you there would you be open to taking a look?

Do you see how this approach leaves them engaged and wanting more?

People need to feel heard. They don’t want to hear how great your company and product is for the marketplace. They need solutions and you are a solutions provider.

Here are some powerful words to help them “lean in” wanting more….
I’m just curious…
If I would you…
Can I ask you a simple question…
Do you mind if I share a little story with you…
Can I get your opinion on something….

You are asking permission from your prospective partner. You will rarely ever get a no to questions like these and they will keep them engaged in the conversation.

Examples with these phrases:

Do you mind if I ask you a simple question? What are you currently doing to prepare for retirement?

I’m just curious…have you ever considered creating residual income?

Can you share with me how much money you would consider to be serious money on a monthly basis? And would that amount be worth committing 1 hour a day for 2 years if you knew what to do?

If your prospective partner starts asking a lot of questions about the company or product, use small teasers and never go into information overload.  That’s where you can redirect the energy of the conversation back to who they are and what they want.  Once that’s  established use tools (3-way call or Zoom with your mentor, an FD, a business webinar) to help explain the RINGANA opportunity and/or products.

Next Steps If They Qualify

If their values, goals, and attitude align with yours, congratulations! You’ve found yourself a potential partner!

Share your story and your product’s story with them. Tell them about all the ways through which the opportunity has improved your life. Give them a virtual tour of the company, and share stories of people who worked hard and made it.

Better yet, introduce them to as many successful RINGANA partners as possible!

Make sure that you provide resources such as books on self-improvement and study materials pertaining to network marketing if they ask about it! Make this a part of your sales process; even after qualifying, your prospective partners should know where these resources are found so they can refer to it and share it to their future prospective partners as well.


Qualifying prospective partners for your RINGANA business is an important step that should be done at the beginning to ensure you’re providing the right solutions for people. When you determine that they can be helped by your business, use your story as evidence for why working with you is an opportunity they’ll enjoy and benefit from. Don’t forget to share personal stories from people involved in the company so they can see firsthand how this has changed lives for the better!

Interview them, inspire them, and then give them a tool (3-way call or Zoom with your mentor, a FRESH date, a business webinar) to explain the RINGANA opportunity and products. Rinse and repeat!

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