How to Add a New Customer

from your Partner Dashboard

Option 1: Add a customer via your Online-Office

1. Sign in to your RINGANA account

2. Click on Dashboard – upper right icon that looks like a clock

3. Scroll down and click on “CREATE A NEW CUSTOMER”

4. You will be redirected to a form (see image below)

5. Fill out the entire form paying special attention to:

  • subscribe to newsletter
  • tax number
  • language
  • confirming that you notified your customer about being included in the RINGANA database.

6. Click on Create Customer

7. Once registered, each customer will receive a verification email.

NOTE: If you are placing a collective (bulk) order, click here for additional information.

Option 2: Customer registers via your online shop

1. Customer visits your RINGANA shop –

2. Click on Login

3. They will be redirected to a new screen where they register starting with their email address and a password they choose. 

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